Monday, April 25, 2016

Nubs April 2016

Every day when I get home I am greeted by a 30 pound fuzzy dog that thinks I'm the center of her world. She follows me everywhere, and loves when I give her belly rubs. My dog makes my world just a little bit better. This is why I can get sucked into a good animal story. Just ask me about Incredible Journey.
So when I read this book, I cried. This was an amazing story about a dog who overcame tremendous odds to find a forever home. It is about friendship, kindness, and love. If you are an animal lover; this book is for you.
"We were given four days to 'get rid of the dog or else.'"- Nubs The True Story of a Matt, a Marine & a Miracle.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April Squish #4

I have a confession, sometimes I like to read books that are silly. I call them candy books. These books are happy, fun, and quick to read. I love to escape to these fun places especially after a long stressful week.
The book I read today was Squish: The Power of the Parasite. Squish is an amoeba and when school is out for the summer he gets to chose Swim Camp or Ballet Camp. For Squish the obvious choice is to go to swim camp. After a first day spent hiding behind a bush reading his favorite comic book Squish meets a new friend named Basil. Basil is not always the nicest friend and doesn't always make good choices. Squish needs to find the courage to learn to swim and be true to himself. This was a super fun read. I especially loved at the end of the book there was a science experiment! You can find Squish in the Graphic Novel section.

Friday, April 8, 2016

April!! Spiders by Nic Bishop

I never liked spiders much. I always thought of myself as a dog person, until I met Mr. Grundy. Mr. Grundy was my son's 3rd grade teacher. He had a tarantula as a class pet! As a mom, I worried, a lot. However, my son would come home and tell me about the amazing life of this extremely lazy creature. I was very thankful that this criter lived in someone else's classroom. Then I met Ms. Center. Ms Center knew Mr. Grundy, and of course Mr. Grundy had given Ms. Center a spider. Ms. Center could tell that the spider was lonely so she brought her into the library. I absolutely love Miss Fuzzypants. She is very easy to take care of and fun to watch. I might now be a spider person, kinda.

In order to learn about more about Miss Fuzzypants I read this book. It is very informative and has very clear explanations. Spiders are so very scary and fascinating at the same time. This book great visuals! Sometimes the font used is not the easiest to read, but important facts are in bold. This book is a must read if you are just beginning a search to learn more about spiders.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Have you seen Miss Fuzzypants?

Miss Fuzzypants has had some epic adventures this week.
Even Miss Fuzzypants can be responsible with her books!

She loves being a part of her class!

But sometimes she hitches a ride when her legs get tired of walking.

She loves getting hugs from her teacher!

She can't wait for recess!

Hard at work!

Getting ready for the big test!

Sometimes she just doesn't feel well.

A visit to her favorite Principal! Hope they don't call home!

All is forgiven!

Sometimes its hard to get your little voice heard.

She is very good at the balance beam!

Steps can take some time to master.

Miss Fuzzypants at show and tell.

Time to call home.

It has been a very busy day.