Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April Squish #4

I have a confession, sometimes I like to read books that are silly. I call them candy books. These books are happy, fun, and quick to read. I love to escape to these fun places especially after a long stressful week.
The book I read today was Squish: The Power of the Parasite. Squish is an amoeba and when school is out for the summer he gets to chose Swim Camp or Ballet Camp. For Squish the obvious choice is to go to swim camp. After a first day spent hiding behind a bush reading his favorite comic book Squish meets a new friend named Basil. Basil is not always the nicest friend and doesn't always make good choices. Squish needs to find the courage to learn to swim and be true to himself. This was a super fun read. I especially loved at the end of the book there was a science experiment! You can find Squish in the Graphic Novel section.

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