Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Roller Girl May 2016

What a great book fair! Thank you all for coming to the book fair and supporting the library! I have had a such a great but busy year. I have learned so much from you all and love what I'm doing.
I was very lucky to have some free time during the book fair to read this book.

This is a 2017 CCBA nomination. Astrid and Nicole have been inseparable for years. They do everything together. Once a month Astrid's mom takes the girls on special outings. One of those outings was to a Roller Derby. Astrid decides that she is going to spend the summer at Derby Camp. Astrid assumes that Nicole will go to derby camp as well. However, Nicole goes to dance camp instead. Nicole meets and new friend and suddenly Astrid is left out. Astrid needs to dig deep and find her inner strength to make it through the summer.

May 2016 City of Ember

This month it was harder to sit down and read. School for me ends tomorrow so I am taking home my stacks of books and I'm getting excited for the summer reading program. I signed up yesterday and made sure that I had my library card ready! I hope you are having a great summer so far! Keep reading!

I reread The City of Ember during my evening reading times. I love the story. Hundreds of years ago the Builders created the city of Ember, but lately something has happened and the lights keep going out and the food for the community is running out. Doon and Lina find scraps of an ancient parchment with a puzzle. As they start to decipher the puzzles they find that the Builders may have left behind a plan for a new future for the City. How can they get the citizens of Ember to listen before it's too late?